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3 Qualities of a Successful Approach to Hiring Project Managers – Staffing Case Study

Too many companies fail to understand the importance of a well-planned hiring process. As a result, they often approach hiring with no real procedures in place which leads to:

  • The process dragging on too long.
  • Not identifying the best candidates.
  • Placing improper fits which result in lower productivity.
  • Value lost through having to rehire once the new hire does not work out.

Knowing this, when reviewing the case study for a Product Distribution Company found here, we found there are three important qualities required to create a successful hiring process that helped realize the most value in the long run:

1. Preset Criteria for New Hires

When it comes to hiring a new employee, especially someone higher up in the organization, you have to look for more than simply the required skill set. After all, you may bring in a manager with all the right experience only to find out that they do not work well within your organization. With that in mind, before even considering any candidates, we created in-depth profiles that laid out the key qualities the company wished to see in their newly hired project and program managers. While the profiles did take into account necessary skills and experience, they also included criteria related to leadership and the company’s culture to ensure the best working-fit possible.

2. A Systematic Approach to the Hiring Process

Knowing that you need a certain position filled is simple enough. However, once you begin interviewing potential candidates, choosing just one can prove difficult should you fail to have a well-crafted plan in place. In fact, figuring out who to interview in the first place is difficult enough in and of itself. For these reasons, we helped the company develop a systematic approach to the hiring process that included appropriate procedures for:

  • Recruiting highly qualified candidates.
  • Identifying and assessing the best potential fits.
  • Scheduling interviews with all necessary parties.
  • Determining who to hire, where to place them, and how much to compensate them.

3. Procedures to Ensure Seamless Employee Integration

The work does not end at the conclusion of the hiring process. Maximum value could only be added by ensuring that the newly acquired manager was able to slide into his new role with as little difficulty as possible. In other words, the more quickly the manager was able to begin independently and effectively fulfilling his duties, the more value the company realized from their new investment. That said, we worked to help the company develop procedures for bringing new hires on board, plugging them into their proper place in the company, and getting them the orientation they needed.

We Did It for Them, We Can Do It for You

In the end, we were able to formulate and implement a staffing plan that possessed the three key qualities discussed above and more. As a result, we succeeded in helping them recruit, hire, and implement both business and IT project and program managers successfully.

While no two companies are the exact same, we know that we have the know-how and the skills to assist you with your staffing needs, just as highlighted in this case study. To discuss your needs, give us a call at 817-601-5657 or click here and send us an email for a consultation.

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