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For ERP and Services - Make Sure the Shoe Fits

It's risky to force yourself to carry on in shoes that don't fit. You can hurt your feet, your knees, even your back. It’s imperative to have the right shoe for your purpose that fits correctly. They should be comfortable.

I found this to be true when preparing for a marathon. I joined a training program to help me learn what it took to successfully run a marathon. They led us in successively longer training runs to condition our bodies for the rigors of running 26.2 miles without stopping. When I first started training, I found the athletic shoes I was wearing hurt my feet when running longer distances.

I realized the need for properly-sized shoes that were designed specifically for running long distances that had the right degree of support and correct function for the foot. To complete a marathon you must have the proper shoe and fit to run the distance, which absorbs the heat and shocks along the way, allowing someone to go longer and stay on track.

You don’t want to be running a marathon and find that the shoe doesn’t fit. I’ve heard ERP programs described to be like marathons. It takes a lot of effort, time, and cost to successfully complete them. You don’t want to be running this marathon and find that you have relationships or systems that don’t fit.

Sometimes, organizations find themselves with program partners or systems for the project that are painful, because they don’t fit. Those you decide to work with or systems to implement will play a huge role in determining the direction and outcome of the project, and possibly your business or career.

When it comes to selecting program partners, there are a lot of different things you need to consider—their experience, their knowledge, their approach, their level of customer service, the way they fit with your company’s culture, to name a few.

If you don’t take the time to make sure the shoe fits, with the right support and mechanics, you could very well find yourself with a program partner that’s the wrong fit, and when that happens, it’s a painful effort and won’t turn out as you had planned. You find yourself unable to absorb the shocks and go the distance so to meet expectations.

Likewise selecting the wrong business system, and there are several to choose from depending on the organization size, business nature and requirements, can result in an organization not remaining cool and running well. There are various ERP systems that are on the market today. Every organization is different, and while a certain ERP system may work wonders for one company, it may not fit and be painful for another.

Finding the right business system for your organization is essential to ensuring you enjoy all the benefits that can come with a successful ERP implementation. It’s critical to fully understand your business needs with functional and technical requirements, determine which business systems offer the features you require, measure the benefits of the various systems you’re considering, and make an appropriate choice with a clear plan for implementing the system in your organization.

Remember the story of Cinderella? In this famous story the Prince was searching for her so to marry and make her the queen of his kingdom. The only thing he had to find her with was her slipper she had left behind. The story has it he went throughout the kingdom looking for the right woman to fit the slipper. Many, even those that seemed beautiful or brilliant, tried to make it fit them but no matter how hard they tried the shoe doesn’t fit. Until finally they tried it on someone, who based on the way they looked, they never suspected. But the shoe fit and the story ended well.

Likewise with ERP projects, when determining the right system and the right service providers for your project, who you should consider using, may not be the usual suspects. Perhaps you should use someone different to help you in selections for and the management of the ERP program. An experienced ERP consultant you can rely on who has expertise to guide you into finding the right ERP solution and partners for your organization.

And remember if the shoe doesn’t fit, no matter how hard you try, you will meet with disappointment.

Oh, by the way, it worked for me…I finished the marathon.

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