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Real Reason for ERP - Business Intelligence

The all-terrain vehicle veers off the road into the desert and the rig-up can be seen in the near distance at the well site. Yesterday the engineer had previously prepared for this well site technical services delivery when downloading the job and well data from the ERP system into the application on the rugged laptop.

At the customer’s well site, personnel, equipment and materials are ready as the downhole technical services delivery begins on schedule. During the well trips and passes the intelligent tool stack transmits data to the engineer’s application so accurate depths, pressures, temperatures and substance presence are captured along with personnel, times and other required ticket data that are entered to document the job.


After the engineer verifies the job and service delivery information onsite, data loads through the satellite uplink from the sun-seared well site into the ERP backbone. Now back in Houston our customer is realizing the real reason for ERP.

The intelligent tool services delivery and job ticket data upload into the SAP ERP system by the smart-app is repeated time and again from well sites in the region. In this overall system development we are managing for our customer, after intelligent capture at well sites the data is loaded relationally into the ERP backbone. Then a multi-sourced dataflow is triggered into Business Warehouse multi-relational data-store objects where it’s aggregated and integrated through infocubes, until the critical data is queried with dynamic kpi calculations into Crystal reports and Xcelsius dashboards.

Now the Business Analyst back at headquarters in Houston is performing interactive analysis on this critical multi-dimensional data for services delivered in the Sub-Sahara region. The BA is analyzing data such as scheduling efficiencies; gate to gate equipment time so to monitor equipment utilization per contracts; equipment service delivery failures per job; personnel job exposure and more. Doing this so to extract intelligence that contributes to business management decisions that promote operational efficiencies and net revenue growth; thus realizing the real reason for ERP – business intelligence.

Some may think the reason for implementing ERP is the functional richness that provides coverage for the entire enterprise, or having one database instance which provides the inherent relationships of the whole business dataset, or the natural integration of one complete business system enabling efficiency and cultural change. All worthy reasons for many, but no, I submit the real goal is the establishment of a backbone and foundation to extract clean and clear relational data upon which the business enterprise can realize intelligence providing insights for operational excellence and financial reward.

Instead of the day-to-day weariness of business battle fatigue in chasing account entries, order corrections, and missing materials; mobile smartapps with ERP and BW provides the opportunity to automatically source high-quality business data with clear enterprise relationships into dashboards of business intelligence making strategic enterprise management a reality.


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