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Many Hats of Leadership – Under Valued

I like hats, specifically caps. I collect ‘em and wear’em. Can’t help myself, got it honestly from my Grandfather. I have shelves in my closet with rows of them. Lots of different colors, themes, events and destinations on them from many locations; representing resorts, cities, states, countries and middle-of-nowhere-cool-hangouts.

I have caps that I wear for specific activities; like I’ve got one that I wear when I get in the boat and go fishing, another one for working in my workshop, and one I really like when I play golf, and on and on it goes. Same guy, but many different hats - for whatever role/activity, I’m enjoying at the time.

And so it is as well in the dimension of success for business initiatives. What is a single important ingredient to increasing value with business successes? That many times is under-valued?


Its multi-dimensional business leaders, who can adeptly “wear so many different hats”. I know it’s the same with leadership; there are just a lot of different hats to wear.

Businesses and their initiatives need leaders to manage them and reach objectives that increase value. As a leader, I’ve led many business initiatives with very significant consequences on the line, and I know from my experience, and from mentoring and coaching others in leadership, that those who manage business initiatives are typically under-appreciated for the value they bring while “wearing so many different hats”.

What is the meaning of the cliché in this context? ... That the person brings much more value to the titled role, because in reality they perform multiple additional functions than their title infers so to get to success. So what are examples of these many hats of business leadership one individual may wear? 

There is the Manager who is managing upwards, downwards, inward, outward and all 3 dimensionally for the past, present and future. Then as the Coach, is the team’s motivator and cheerleader that will also cajole the obstinate.

Also as the Advisor to each team member consulting on decisions and actions while counseling them on their way. But then as Journalist, documenting the facts as the business program’s Historian and the coming changes as its Futurist, preparing people to understand and anticipate opportunity.

Certainly the aspect as Governance Officer establishing policy and ensuring everyone understands the rules but always the Diplomat who helps to represent and protect the best interests of all involved. Not forgetting as the Interventionist who knows when to lean in to negotiate and mediate the right ends while also studying everyone’s attitudes and behaviors as a Psychologist so to help ensure the well-being of the group and its program.   

Then not least as the Salesman, getting the team to believe in the cause and its future and to unreservedly buy-in with the unfettered commitment of their talents and energy while as the Delegator assigning the right tasks to the right person so to leverage those skills to maximum potential.

To have one person performing so many roles, Oh, what value!

And these are not all but a few; as I’m sure you know of more such hats that you have worn. But the key is to wear the right hat at the right time and also not too many – hand the hat to someone else for them to wear.

So if you’re in a role of business leadership, you knew you were undervalued. So take a moment, pat yourself on the back – you deserve the moment of being valued for the many hats you wear.

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