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What We Do

PMO Consulting’s staffing solutions match forward-thinking companies and high-performing talent , helping businesses grow and professionals advance in their careers. More simply stated, we are talent matchmakers. We specialize in finding the right talent for the right positions, at the right time and the right cost.

For businesses, this means increased productivity, lower recruiting costs, and improved efficiency in the hiring process. We can help you stay focused on what’s important in your business, while we screen and interview potential candidates.

For professionals, this means making a positive impact on your career as we assist you in finding direct hire positions and contract work that are the best fit for your skills, interests, and personality.

Our staffing solutions include:

Professional Temporary/Contract

Sometimes, your business might need help in meeting a deadline, launching a new project, or completing some other type of time-sensitive task. At PMO Consulting, we can match your business with high-level talent that can make an instant contribution to your project.

When you utilize temporary professionals from us, you don’t have to worry about taking care of payroll, benefits, or worker’s compensation. We take care of it for you.

The result? You can enjoy:

  • Increased productivity
  • Faster completion of important projects
  • Fewer core employees
  • Less overtime for regular employees
  • Timely placement of workers
  • No additional workers' compensation or unemployment costs
  • Reduced overtime costs
  • Flexible staffing

Contact PMO Consulting online or call today at 817-601-5657 to get help finding the right professional for your team!

Professional Direct Hire

With many years of staffing experience across industries, you can trust PMO Consulting to provide your business with talented professionals who can help you achieve your most important objectives. When hiring for your core team, tap into our recruiting expertise.

Our professional niche recruiting can help screen and interview candidates, making it easier to find you the right person for the job. Direct hire candidates become part of your core team upon hire.

With PMO Consulting as your recruiting partner, you could:

  • Save time, energy, and money by staying focused on your business
  • Find professionals that have the qualifications and abilities to achieve project success
  • Meet qualified professionals thanks to our strong candidate screening process
  • Enjoy the convenience of paying a one-time flat fee

Contact PMO Consulting online or call today at 817-601-5657 to get help finding the right professional for your team!

Professional Evaluation Hire

If you have ever spent time and energy recruiting, interviewing, screening, and checking references to find the right employee only to later discover you made the wrong choice, you know just how frustrating and costly this can be. PMO Consulting's evaluation hire process allows you to observe a worker before making them part of your regular team.

With strong relationships to networks of experienced, talented professionals, PMO Consulting can provide you with pre-screened candidates that have the skills and qualifications to meet your job requirements and better fit into your company’s culture.

While you evaluate the professional’s skills and compatibility with your company, we can take care of resource administration like payroll, benefits, or worker’s compensation until a decision has been made. This eliminates the frustration that comes with hiring the wrong person for the job.

With our professional evaluation hire solutions, you could:

  • Save time and money
  • Decrease turnover
  • Reduce hiring mistakes
  • Increase productivity
  • Build a better team

Contact PMO Consulting online or call today at 817-601-5657 to get help finding the right professional for your team!

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