Consumer Product Distribution Company Staffing Case Study

Case Study: Comprehensive Staffing Approach Helps Consumer Product Distributor Fill Key Leadership Roles on Its Team

Summary: A national consumer product distribution company needed project managers to fulfill leadership roles within the company and manage important Business and IT projects. An end-to-end staffing approach and process was implemented and executed to identify and acquire the right professional hires that fit the company’s culture and leadership profile.

Company: A national consumer product distribution company that provides products to healthcare, educational and retail companies

Challenges: Finding project managers that fit the company’s culture and leadership profile was the chief task at hand. This required defining the key qualities possessed by ideal candidates, recruiting and assessing candidates, scheduling interviews, assisting in determining placement and compensation, and providing guidance in hiring decisions.

Solution: In order to build the company’s project management team, worked with the senior management and HR teams to develop a program staffing plan and approach that would aid in recruiting, identifying, and acquiring the right talent. The plan addressed multiple areas, including:

This approach resulted in the hiring of professional managers that filled key IT and business project manager leadership roles. Completed the full resource life cycle for the customer from recruit-to-hire for IT and business project managers.