Energy Company Staffing Solution Case Study

Case Study: Provided Energy Company a Cost-Effective IT Staffing Solution to Manage Its Workload

Summary: When a leading, multinational energy company needed a staffing solution to augment its IT resources, a cost-effective staffing strategy was developed to support the company’s ongoing, day-to-day IT needs as well as their project needs.

Company: A multinational energy company that produces fuels and lubricants that power the world’s economy.

Challenges: With considerable demands for managing its IT infrastructure and projects, a multinational energy company needed additional staff to step in and support their IT systems. The staffing solution needed to be cost-effective, adhere to the company’s conditions and policies, and provide qualified, professional staff that could step in to supplement the company’s existing workforce by making immediate contributions.

Solution: Worked with the customer’s internal services group to better understand their workload and staffing needs. Based on this analysis and collaboration, a staffing strategy was developed that provided IT professional staffing on demand to augment their IT resources and support their projects as needed.

This approach would support both their ongoing, daily business system needs as well as other important projects that arose from time to time. The solution could supplement the company’s workforce by stepping in to make immediate contributions on important projects.

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