Telecommunications Company Accelerated ERP Solution Case Study

Case Study: Telecommunications Company Successfully Implements SAP Software in Accelerated Timetable

Summary: When an international telecommunications company needed to quickly implement a new business software system that would help them achieve their goals and scale to their growth, an accelerated implementation approach was utilized to quickly and efficiently implement SAP software on time and within budget.

Company: An international communications company that deployed and operated one of the world’s most advanced, global, end-to-end fiber optic platforms for data, voice, video and Internet transmissions, providing services to more than 700 cities in more than 70 countries and 6 continents around the world.

Challenge: In order to capitalize on their cutting-edge technology, the company needed to aggressively implement a new business software system that would meet their needs and offer room for growth so they could get their product to market quickly.

The company’s existing accounting business systems simply did not provide the functionality or scalability necessary for this task. A new, state-of-the-art system that could be implemented rapidly in phases would need to be utilized.

Solution: Strong project management, rapid solutions, and advanced processes were necessary if the company’s goals were going to be met. The telecommunications company selected the enterprise resource planning software SAP as its new business system and wanted it implemented as soon as possible. An accelerated implementation approach and timeframe was developed to implement the SAP Financials. Using the sophisticated AcceleratedSAP™ (ASAP) implementation methodology, an experienced project management team masterfully developed a plan that would meet the project’s timeline and budget.

Various accelerator methods were required to make the aggressive 4-month implementation schedule possible. In addition to using the ASAP implementation methodology, a preconfigured system client, templates, and ready-to-run hardware were utilized as a baseline. Additionally, the project management team and tools were brought together in an advanced technology lab environment to facilitate a strong focus. This controlled atmosphere allowed the project management team to work quickly and efficiently on the first three phases of the project – the project preparation, blueprint, and realization.

After completion of these, the tested system and project team were migrated from the lab out of country to the company’s operational offices. Here, the final preparation was completed and the new business system successfully taken live.

Despite the accelerated project timetable and the added complexities of moving the project from a lab environment to its final destination in another country, the project was successfully brought in on time and within budget.