Financial Services Company Staffing Case Study

Case Study: Financial Services Company Sees Immediate Boost in Productivity with Professional Temporary/Contract Staffing Solutions

Summary: When a financial services company underwent significant growth, it found itself requiring additional resources and manpower to assist in performing additional work load and business activities. A staffing solution that consisted of using professionals on a temporary/contract basis helped the company complete important work and increase overall productivity.

Company: A growing multinational financial services company that provides various insurance and retirement products and services.

Challenges: Due to significant growth and a complicated business environment, the company found itself needing additional resources to complete important business tasks. This was the situation a multinational financial services company found itself in. The company required a staffing solution to support its increased workload on a temporary basis.

Solution: Project management worked with the company to determine the scope of their staffing needs, identify the best type of staffing solution, and define the necessary skills and experience needed from professionals that would be recruited and brought on board.

It was determined that professional temporary/contract staffing was the ideal solution, since the company only needed additional staff for a temporary time. Experienced, qualified professionals who did not need training were utilized to supplement the company’s workforce, and the new team members contributed immediately.

The financial services company was responsible for communicating tasks and requirements of the project work to the staff and for reviewing their work. Project management completed check points with the staff and customer management on the progress of the staffing solution to assure the customer’s needs were being met.

The staffing solution resulted in the company accomplishing an additional work load for a temporary time and cost.